An Insurance Agency on a mission!

Florida Insure is an Orlando based independent church insurance agency. We are built around a team of professionally trained insurance agents. We specialize in providing you with the right coverage for your church insurance at a more affordable price. We have access to every Church Insurance Market in the state of Florida, and offer huge competitive advantages over other agents, that do not fully specialize in churches. ¬†There is no Church to big or small that we can’t help. Anything a Church expands into doing we cover as well; Private Schools, Daycare, 15 passenger vans, Armored guards and assisted living. If a church has an insurance need we are the church insurance agency with the solution.

We know the rates in every county inside and out and can tell you in five minutes if you are over paying, or covered improperly. We also have a coastal program with a Named Storm instead of a windstorm deductible which is a major difference. Don’t work with an insurance agency that only does churches once in a while. Come work with a church insurance agency that does it every day. We have more leverage with the carriers you are trying to get the best quotes from. Check out our video below and call us today with any questions.

Knowing the Difference

There are two types of agents in the industry: Captive and Independent.

Captive agents are restricted in offering their clients the best possible solutions. Agents working for a captive agency (i.e. State Farm, Geico, All State) are only limited to offering you rates based on which company the agent is working for. All products and lines of business are sold exclusively through the individual company, leaving the agent with less opportunity to fulfill the clients’ needs and desires, possibly leading the client to spending more money than they should.

Insurance agents working for an Independent agency are entitled to work with whichever companies they are contracted with. Independent agents are given the opportunity to represent their agency through multiple carriers. As an Independent church insurance agency, Florida Insure can write through 40+ companies, including some of the top producing companies in the nation.

Because agents working through an Independent agency have the freedom to write the client’s insurance coverage through whomever, agents will keep their clients best interest in mind, allowing their clients to save you on your overall cost of insurance by going through an independent agent, as they have entirely more rates to compete with than a captive agent would.

The same is true when working with an insurance agent that insures restaurants, bars, farms, and the occasional church vs’s an agency that only does churches. There are major internal insurance industry advantages in dealing with a specialist. Call us today and find out what they are!