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Find Affordable Commercial Property Insurance With Florida Insure

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We Help Protect Your Commercial Business Property.

Florida Insure understands the businesses have many physical assets, including buildings, computers, specialized equipment, outdoor signage, and even inventory. If a fire, storm or god forbid a thief were to damage or steal these assets, a business may have to go through a recovery process before their doors can open once more.

Without adequate commercial property coverage, approximately a quarter of businesses fail during the first year following a disaster or theft. Such events result in hundreds of billions of dollars in paid claims. Florida Insure manages properties that are valued between $1,000,000 – $22,000,000.


Most businesses cannot afford such a substantial loss. Commercial property insurance can assist with repairs, replacements and lost income during a tumultuous time like a natural disaster or theft.

How Can Commercial Property Insurance Help You?

Businesses, just like yours, can tailor their coverage to protect exactly what matters most to the company's daily operations as well as the bottom line. 

We understand you're in the business of doing business and that's exactly why commercial property insurance is so important to businesses large or small! In addition to helping you keep the doors open in the case of a misfortunate event, Florida Insure can also help you with:

Commercial Property Insurance:

  • Repair or Replacement: Coverage can extend to assets that are lost, damaged or stolen due to fire, storm, hail, tornado, theft or vandalism. Damage from flooding and earthquakes are excluded.

  • Lost Income: Income loss results from a business’ inability to run as usual following a disaster. This coverage can offer lost income relief, along with the expenses associated with recovery.

  • Temporary Location: A devastated building may no longer be able to support daily operations. Coverage can extend to funding a temporary location while repairs are being made.

More About Commercial Property Insurance:

Property insurance helps cover the damage or loss of your property, like structures or buildings, and items including equipment, furniture, inventory, supplies and fixtures. It can also help cover the costs to repair or replace stolen, damaged or destroyed property, including property and equipment that isn't yours but is in your care and custody. Property insurance policies may be purchased stand-alone or as part of a comprehensive Business Owner's Policy that includes Property and General Liability coverage. Your insurance agent can help you customize your coverage to address the specific risks facing your business, including selecting the type of Property insurance coverage you may need.

There are typically two types of coverage offered by insurance companies: replacement cost or actual cash value.

  • Boiler & Machinery

  • Cyber Liability

  • Employment Benefits Liability (EBLI)

  • Manufacturing

  • Professional Liability (E&O)

  • Transportation & Trucking

  • Commercial Flood

  • Distributors & Wholesalers

  • Municipalities

  • Workplace Violence

  • Hospitality

  • Event Liability

  • Automobile Dealerships

  • Crime

  • Employment Practice Liability (EPLI)

  • Kidnap & Ransom

  • Professional Employment Organizations/Staffing

  • Technology

Why Choose Us

Our mission is to invest our talents, our technology, and our time in our clients so that they are at peace with their business coverage!

That's why we work tirelessly to make sure our clients are covered, protected, and treated with first-class customer service that cannot be beaten.

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